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Tramadol is a good pain reliever, which belongs to the drugs with a mixed mechanism of action, and it also has an effect like a weak drug. If you want to buy Tramadol online, you may face some difficulties, as in most countries its distribution is strictly controlled. Cheap Tramadol is sold only in specialized pharmacies that have a special license for the storage and dispensing of psychotropic and narcotic substances.


Tramadol is a drug that is addictive and addictive in high doses after the first dose. Its constant use leads to irreversible destruction of the body and psyche.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that tramadol is a drug. The main active ingredient is a potent drug. Developed as a synthetic analogue of opioid pain relievers, it was originally prescribed for patients with advanced cancer suffering from pain.

Experts are convinced that tramadol is a drug, since, in fact, it is an artificially synthesized analogue of opium. Oral capsules, ampoules and suppositories are being phased out or sold strictly by prescription, despite the recognized analgesic effect. At the slightest excess of the dosage indicated by the doctor, tramadol is addictive. In terms of the degree of impact, it is in second place after trimethylfentamine.

The agent is a synthesized opiate. Tramadol is often used as a substitute for heroin. Addiction and drug overdose are comparable in negative effect to opium, so the question “tramadol is a drug or not”, one has to answer in the affirmative. An exception is taking the drug exactly as directed (for example, in palliative therapy).

The active substance, when it enters the systemic circulation, acts as an analgesic, blocking the transmission of pain impulses. The patient gets better within 20 minutes after taking the medicine in the form of tablets / capsules. The drug affects the central nervous system, if the dosage is exceeded, causing:

  • inhibition of reactions;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;

    increased heart rate;

    dizziness and so on.

At a therapeutic dosage, tramadol may not cause physical or psychological dependence, but it develops even when the indications are slightly exceeded. If a drug is used for more than three months in a row, it becomes the only drug taken. Cancellation is difficult – it takes up to 15 years to overcome psychological cravings, decay products are excreted within 20-25 years.

The psychological problems caused by the fact that a person takes tramadol, side effects and the complete destruction of the body that threatens in the future, make them look for ways to get rid of addiction. But in practice, three quarters of patients after hospital treatment continue to take tramadol – they do not know how to quit.

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Buy generic Tramadol, like the original, can only be prescribed by a doctor. If you want to find cheap Tramadol online, then look at medicines called Tramal, Tramolin, Sintradon, Plazadol, etc. “Where can I buy cheap Tramadol online and what do I need?” – you ask. To buy on the Internet, you need an electronic prescription from a doctor, or a scanned copy of the prescription in high resolution.