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Our relationship with you grows through fine dentistry, caring and education.

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New Patient Experience

Our philosophy is to evaluate the health of the entire mouth and develop a plan to maintain optimal oral health and keep your teeth for a lifetime. Our administrative and clinical teams will take the time to understand your previous oral history, hear your concerns, complete a thorough initial examination, and develop a treatment plan for moving forward. You will leave our office feeling confident in your oral health.

Pankey Institute Trained

The Pankey Institute is a nonprofit educational center for dentists that provides advanced training in solving complex oral health problems and restoring teeth to a natural looking aesthetic appearance with predictable results. A Pankey trained dentist will actively engage with you in a collaborative partnership – taking the time to get to know you, build trust and include you in understanding and planning your treatment.

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile
in a safe and welcoming environment.

We offer a wide range of services from preventative care to comprehensive dentistry and cosmetic enhancements. Every situation is unique so please consult with one of our doctors to determine the best care plan for you!


The Perkins Dental team leverages the latest dental technology to provide comfortable and comprehensive care.

We are committed to using the latest dental technology as a driving force in prevention, diagnostics, and application of treatment.

Hygiene Team
Perkins Dental Hygiene Team

Abby Donolo, RDH

Julia Hart, RDH

Our hygiene team is committed to providing the highest quality care through identification and management of oral disease, personalized home care instruction and a comfortable and thorough dental cleaning. Our goal is to make you excited about achieving excellent oral health and looking forward to your next appointment.

Administrative Team
Administrative team photo - Karen Guise and Maddy Armeni

Karen Guise

Maddy Armeni

Our administrative team will always greet you with a smile and ensure you feel at home at Perkins Dental. We are happy to help answer all of your administrative and dental questions.

Assistant Team
Perkins Dental Assistant Team

Chrissy Lloyd

Debra Miles

We are dedicated to providing optimal care to each and every patient. Our goal is to be the patient advocate and assure a comfortable and calm environment. We look forward to meeting you and caring for you.

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